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A Preview of New Indoor Playground CLIMBAROO

Climbaroo (1)

December 29th, 2012

We’re so excited! The indoor playground that was once home to Funtastic in Natomas will now be better and brighter than ever as family-owned Climbaroo.

This playspace will reopen in mid January 2013 at 4421 Gateway Park Blvd #130, Sacramento, CA 95835.

I went in today and got a preview of how construction is shaping up. I met with Pam and Penny, two of Climbaroo’s owners, and they graciously told me about all the work they are putting into making Climbaroo a top kid destination.

Pam and Penny have run a very popular daycare center in Antelope for 11 years, so the safety and enjoyment of children is a top priority to them. The first thing they did when they got the keys to their new space is clean and sanitize all of the equipment and soft play structures. They’ve also had a playground inspector come and recommend lots of safety improvements. Pam pointed out several places in the equipment where they fixed gaps and other flaws. They’ve even moved a fire extinguisher away from a spot where toddlers might run into it and get hurt.

Pam allowed me to take some behind-the-scenes photos mid-construction today. Here is some idea of what you can expect when Climbaroo opens next month (click on any image for a full-size slideshow):

Climbaroo (1)

The family’s put in new wood flooring to go under the play mats. Earlier there had been carpet, which Pam pointed out gets dirty easily and is difficult to get clean again. Plus, they plan to have tween parties regularly, during which they will pull up the mats and use the space as a dance floor. Notice also the blue foam rim arrow the yellow tunnel opening up there. Previously, there had just a hard edge which kids might bang a forehead into. On the left is the big yellow slide, Theo’s favorite from when it was Funtastic.

Climbaroo (2)

This is the spiral green slide on the right side. To get there, a child needs to cross over from the left, along a catwalk, or the colorful suspended netting you see at top. The new owners plan to keep the age limit capped at about 11 during open play, so that big kids aren’t inadvertently trampling little ones.

Climbaroo (3)

A new disco light! I tried to talk them into turning this one even when all the lights are up (its main purpose is for party times when lights are lower.) It, along with a few other overhead party lights, sprinkle rainbow colors all over the play area.

Climbaroo (4)

The infant play area is being expanded. It will be larger than before, and contain more playthings for the littlest guests. It will continue to have the padded but sturdy walls that parents can sit on.

Climbaroo (5)

Every soft play piece has been scrubbed clean and will be sanitized regularly.

Climbaroo (6)

This small room which used to host small parties will now be a video game room for older siblings (and maybe some dads?) You can see some of the equipment ready to install.

Climbaroo (7)

The snack bar has a brand-new Coke cooler and a freezer. Climbaroo will offer many more snacky things than the café had before. They’re open to suggestions!

Climbaroo (8)

These are a few of the new Smart TV sets going in (smart TV meaning that they are web-capable.) The plan is to have sports out in the main areas, and family-friendly movies in the big birthday party room. You may have noticed that Climbaroo has a lovely color palette going on now on all the walls.

Climbaroo (9)

Just in case! Climbaroo will be selling socks for those occasions when you’ve simply forgotten you are all in sandals that day (or high heels.) Socks will be required on all the play equipment.

So I hope you can join us in January, when Theo and your kids will put Climbaroo to the test! You can go in just about any day before then, meet the family, and sign up to win a free birthday party package.

Keep up to date on their official first day of play at facebook.com/Climbaroo

Update 1/20/13

They opened last week! Check them out and have a blast.

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